Deep awareness

(1) In the context of the five types of deep awareness, a type of principal awareness that all beings have as an aspect of Buddha-nature. It is "deep" in the sense that it is a fundamental way in which the mind works and has always been there, primordially, with no beginning and no end. (2) When contrasted with "discriminating awareness" (Tib. shes-rab) in the non-Gelug usage of the term, the principal awareness that non-conceptually cognizes the deepest truth of something (its inseparable voidness and appearance), beyond all words and concepts. (3) In the context of the ten Mahayana far-reaching attitudes (paramitas), when contrasted with "discriminating awareness," principal awareness that non-conceptually cognizes the two truths of something. (4) In the context of an arya's non-conceptual cognition of voidness, in the Gelug usage, either the principal awareness that explicitly and non-conceptually cognizes voidness (deepest truth) during total absorption or the principal awareness that implicitly and non-conceptually cognizes voidness during subsequent attainment.

Tibetan: ye-shes

Sanskrit: jnana

J. Hopkins: Exalted wisdom, wisdom, pristine wisdom

Synonyms: Gnosis

Other languages

العربية: الوعي العميق
Français: Conscience profonde
Italiano: Profonda consapevolezza
Tiếng Việt: Trí tuệ

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