Link of nameable mental faculties with or without gross form

The fourth of the twelve links of dependent arising. The four mental aggregates -- consciousness, feeling a level of happiness, distinguishing, and other affecting variables -- some of which are merely potentials -- together with the aggregate of forms of physical phenomena during a rebirth on the plane of sensory desires or the plane of ethereal forms, or without this aggregate during a rebirth on the plane of formless beings, during the period of time in the development of a foetus from the moment of conception up until the moment just before the cognitive faculties of seeing, hearing, and so on are differentiated.

Tibetan: ming-dang gzugs-kyi yan-lag

Sanskrit: namarupa-anga

Other languages

Italiano: Anello delle facoltà mentali nominabili con o senza forma grossolana
Русский: Звено называемых умственных способностей с грубой формой и без грубой формы
Tiếng Việt: Danh sắc hay danh

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