Objects of focus for cleansing one’s behavior

Of the four categories of objects of focus to employ in shamatha and vipashyana meditation, focus on one of the following in order to eliminate destructive behavior in those who suffer from a specific disturbing emotion or state of mind: (1) objects of focus as being ugly (mi-sdug-pa), (2) objects of focus for love (byams-pa), (3) objects of focus that dependently arise (rten-'brel),(4) Objects of focus divided into their constituent elements (khams-kyi rab-dbye), and (5) inhalation and exhalation as objects of focus (dbugs-'byung rngub).

Tibetan: སྤྱད་པ་རྣམ་པར་སྦྱོང་བའི་དམིགས་པ། spyad-pa rnam-par sbyong-ba'i dmigs-pa

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Deutsch: Objekt der Ausrichtung zum Reinigen des Verhaltens

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