Refuting the False Me Experiencing the Four Noble Truths

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It is “me,” as a person, who experiences true sufferings because of the true origins of suffering; and it is likewise “me,” who will attain the true stoppings of suffering by developing the true pathway minds. If we trace down to the root of what is the cause of true suffering – it is our unawareness of how we exist. How are we going to refute this impossible way of existing of “me,” who is experiencing the four noble truths? Through the four-point analysis. First, we need to identify the object to be refuted, then, we need to be convinced of the logic to refute it. The third point is refuting that the “me” and the aggregates are “one”; and the fourth is refuting that they are “many.” When we have gone through the four-point analysis and we have come to the conclusion that this impossible “me” cannot be established as existing in either of the two possibilities of the dichotomy of existent phenomena, we have to conclude that it is non-existent.