Forceful deity

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An emanation of a Buddha in a form of great strength, usually surrounded by flames representing deep awareness, and terrifying, so as to chase away disturbing emotions, interferences, and other harm. Often translated by others as "wrathful deity," although there is no connotation here of "wrath" as in "the wrath of God." Although the Sanskrit and Tibetan terms, here, mean literally "angry," this does not refer to anger as a disturbing emotion, but rather to the strong force of anger to get rid of something detrimental to spiritual well-being and progress.

Tibetan: ཁྲོ་བོ། khro-bo

Sanskrit: krodha

J. Hopkins: Wrathful deity

Synonyms: Wrathful deity

Other languages

Español: Deidad enérgica
Français: Déité énergique
Italiano: Divinità potente
Tiếng Việt: Hộ phật hung nộ

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