Object exclusion specifying an individually characterized object

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In reference to an existent phenomenon "this," negation phenomena such as "nothing other than this" and "not that." (1) According to Gelug, they are nonstatic phenomena implicitly apprehended when a valid conceptual or non-conceptual cognition explicitly apprehends its involved object as "this." (2) According to non-Gelug, a static fact about "this" that is validly knowable only conceptually.

Tibetan: དོན་རང་མཚན་གྱི་གཞན་སེལ། don rang-mtshan-gyi gzhan-sel

J. Hopkins: Other-eliminator that is a factual specifically characterized phenomenon

Synonyms: Object exclusion; Individually characterized object exclusion

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Deutsch: Objekt-Ausschluss, der ein individuell charakterisiertes Objekt spezifiziert

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