Forms of physical phenomena included (only) among the cognitive stimulators that are (all) phenomena

Forms of physical phenomena that are not knowable by sensory consciousness, but are only knowable by mental consciousness. These include (1) those that make up other things by amassing together, (2) those existing in actual situations, (3) those arising from clearly taking them on, (4) totally imaginary forms, and (5) those arising from gaining control over the elements.

Tibetan: ཆོས་ཀྱི་སྐྱེ་མཆེད་པའི་གཟུགས། chos-kyi skye-mched-pa'i gzugs

J. Hopkins: Form for the mental consciousness

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Italiano: Forme di fenomeni fisici inclusi soltanto tra gli stimolatori cognitivi che sono (tutti) i fenomeni

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