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(1) Texts by Shakyamuni Buddha, both Hinayana and Mahayana, that discuss themes of practice. (2) Within the context of the Three Baskets (Skt. Tripiṭaka), the texts of Buddha that especially concern the training in higher concentration. (3) Within the context of Buddha's teachings divided into sutra and tantra, the division that does not entail visualization of oneself as a Buddha-figure. (4) Within the context of the twelve scriptural categories, the texts that present what Buddha had to say in a brief and condensed format.

Tibetan: མདོ། mdo

Sanskrit: sūtra

Pali: sutta

J. Hopkins: Sutra; Discourse; Short sentence; Axiom; Scripture

Synonyms: Themes of practice; Expositions on themes of practice

Other languages

العربية: سوترا
Deutsch: Sutra
Español: Sutra
Italiano: Sutra
Русский: Сутра
Tiếng Việt: Kinh

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