Mental urge

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The subsidiary awareness (mental factor) that causes the mental activity to face an object or to go in its direction. In general, it moves a mental continuum to cognitively take an object. It is equivalent to mental karma and, according to Sautrantika, Chittamatra, Svatantrika-Madhyamaka, and the non-Gelug Prasangika-Madhyamaka schools, it is equivalent to physical and verbal karmas as well.

Tibetan: སེམས་པ། sems-pa

Sanskrit: cetanā

J. Hopkins: Attention; Intention; Intentionality; Will

Synonyms: Impulse; Mental impulse; Urge; Compelling urge; Karmic urge

Other languages

العربية: الالحاح الذهني
Français: Pulsion mentale
Italiano: Impulso mentale
Русский: Умственное побуждение

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