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A fully enlightened being. Someone who has woken up from the sleep of ignorance (unawareness). Someone who has totally cleared away and eliminated, forever, from his or her mental continuum both the emotional obscurations and the cognitive obscurations and who has gained the full share of all good qualities by having evolved and built up over three zillion (countless) eons the two networks (collections): a network of positive force (merit) and a network of deep awareness (wisdom).

Tibetan: སངས་རྒྱས། sangs-rgyas

Sanskrit: buddha

Pali: buddha

Synonyms: Awakened One; Clear Evolved One

Other languages

العربية: بوذا
Deutsch: Buddha
Español: Buda
Italiano: Buddha
Русский: Будда
Tiếng Việt: Phật
简体中文: 佛陀
繁體中文: 佛陀

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